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Decision Building (TM) is a process designed to discover strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and to identify misapplied resources. Using the Decision Building (TM) application and processes, you can quickly and easily discover new ways to bring successes to your company.


Contact us for more information about putting Decision Building (TM) to use for your organization. With over 30 years of Decision Building (TM) experience, we can help you every step of the way.

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Identify Key Issue

Companies have ongoing issues that require monitoring and action, like employee satisfaction or customer satisfaction. Addressing these issues is critical to the success of your company.

In order to fully identify an issue, you must first clearly define it, write it down it's real, and share it.

Invite Input from People Who Can Help Address the Issue

Build consensus by gaining input from people who can help, because they fully understand the issue. While not everybody will see the issue from the same point of view, the Decision Builder App will permit you to formulate results based on the different demographics and characteristics of your group members.

Gather Input That Clearly Defines the Issue's Characteristics

Ask your contributors to make a list of the items that define the characteristics of the issue.

Rank The Issue's Characteristics in Order of Importance

Using the Decision Building (TM) App, have your contributors rank the issue's characteristics in order of importance.

Rate the Current Performance Satisfaction for Each Item on the List

Using the Decision Building (TM) App, have your contributors rate their level of satisfaction with the current performance of each item on the list.

Plot Results to Discover Opportunities for Improvement

Using the Decision Building (TM) App, you can immediately plot and analyze the results to see where you can improve and where resources are being mis-applied.

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